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Waist Support Belt Waist Calf Wrist Muscle Fixation

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Product information:

Applicable people: children
Specifications: 40CM (wrist guard)-black one pack, 40CM (wrist guard)-leather one pack, 40CM (wrist guard)-blue one pack, 40CM (wrist guard)-white one pack, 70CM (ankle guard)- A black suit, 70CM (ankle support)-a suit for skin color, 70CM (ankle support)-a blue suit, 70CM (ankle support)-a white suit, 90CM (elbow support)-black One set, installation only, 90CM (elbow support)-skin color one package, 90CM (elbow protection)-blue package, 90CM (elbow protection)-white package, 120CM (calf protection)-black package, 120CM (calf protection)-skin color, 120CM (calf) protection)-blue package, 120CM (calf protection)-white package, 150CM (knee pads)-black package, 150CM (knee pads)-skin color package, 150CM (knee pads)-blue one package, 150CM (knee pads)-white one package, 180CM (thigh circumference)-black one package, 180CM (thigh circumference)-skin color one package, 180CM (thigh circumference)-blue one set, 180CM (thigh circumference)-white one circumference, 200CM (knee pads with thighs)-black s etc., 200CM (knee pads with thighs)-skin color set, 200CM (knee pads with thighs)-blue set, 200CM (with Knee pads for thighs)-white set, 280CM (waist support)-black set, 280CM (waist support)-skin color 1 set, 280CM (waist support)-blue set, 280CM (waist support)-white one ( Mm)

Packing list:
Bandage x1