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Portable defense Telescopic Baton Stick

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Portable defense Telescopic Baton Stick

Staff Portable Martial Arts Metal Magic Pocket Bo Staff- New High Quality Pocket.

  • Portable defense Telescopic Baton Stick is one of the effective devices that any one can use for self-defense or protection.
  • To defend oneself, you don't need to carry any heavy weapon.
  • A telescopic baton is something that every one can carry with them at their home, office or purse.
  • The portable defense telescopic baton stick is the best answer to safety while you're walking alone.  


Are you worried about your safety and security? Many people worry about it. Fortunately, we can protect ourselves regardless of where we go. There are many products we can use to defend ourselves against any threat that may appear.  A telescopic baton is one of these products that can be your great aide in self defense from criminals and attackers.

A cylindrical shaped rod, this expandable baton can be used as a self-defense aid to protect one self. This baton has an adjustable length, is collapsible and lightweight making it convenient to carry. It features a round handle that is padded with foam for a firm grip and a steel cap at the bottom of the stick which makes it easy to use on rough and flat surfaces. Easy to use with just a flick of your wrist, it has a reliable shockproof mechanism that absorbs shock to reduce the strain on wrists and hands. One of the unique features of this baton is that its length can be altered, making it easy to move around while carrying it. It is essential to get comfortable with a security baton stick before you try to use it for self-defense, like how to expand the baton and locking it into place. The telescopic baton is a tool that was designed for deffence. The batons are used by the police officers, military forces, bodyguards etc.The baton can also be used as a self-deffence weapon because the top has spikes on it.

A telescopic defense baton is a popular self-defense product being used by thousands of security guard companies around the world. Portable defense Telescopic Baton Stick is a good non-lethal self-defense weapon against many attacks.

Baton Telescopic Stick Telescopic Pole Self defense Stick Magic Wand  Extension Poles Retractile Defense Portable Pocket Stick|Martial Arts| -  AliExpress



  • Beside the material which is Nylon, this telescopic baton has Aluminum handle.
  • The shaft is made of steel .
  • It is telescopic which can be collapsed up to 23"for easy carry in your pocket or purse.
  • A telescopic baton is a kind of personal defense device that is made up of a short cylinder and a handle.



  •     Condition: 100% New and High Quality
  •     Have a fun time
  •     Easy to operation
  •     Material : Stainless Steel
  •     Color: Silver
  •    Total open length:110cm



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