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Phone Repair Dust Cleaner Air Blower Ball

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Phone Repair Dust Cleaner Air Blower Ball

The long and short metal spray design can clean all kinds of electronic equipment.The intake valve is made of copper-plated bright chrome, which is airtight and durable. It will not fall off after a long time of use.
PVC environmentally friendly material, made of silicone material, thick and flexible.

  • Silicon Air Blower with Metal nozzle head for Cleaning Camera Lens, Screen, Circuit Board and Other Sensor Electronics, Yellow Blue Black Random Color.
  • Dust Cleaner Device Blower Ball Dust Remover Ball for Computers / Mobile phone Dust Removing and Cleaning.
  • Rubber Air Dust Blower Pump Cleaner for Mobile Phone Logic Board Repair Cleaning Tool.

About this product  

Phones are prone to gather dirt because of the way they’re used—they’re frequently handled and placed in pockets where all kinds of small objects (like lint) can find their way onto the phone. But the screen, buttons, and ports are fragile parts that easily break if you mistreat them. It pays to take good care of your phone; after all, these devices are pricey.

After all, your smartphone is generally the most expensive thing you own. Be sure to take proper care of it by investing in accessories like this Air Blower Ball for Phone Repair Dust Cleaner. It is a must-have tool for you to remove dust from your phone. In daily life, there are many factors that cause electronic devices such as phones to accumulate dust, as well as the installation of various applications, and frequent updating.

All of this will cause your phone to slow down, resulting in a dropping batter life. This air blower is a simple tool can clean up dust on the surface of your phone without damaging it. It’s an air blower, which is to clean the dust in any electronic devices. After use, it can be collapsed to 30% of its original size for easy storage. It has two speeds. The high speed adopts 6500 rpm motors, which are very fast, strong suction effect. The volume of sound is no more than 60dB, which is much quieter than the traditional method of cleaning by paint brush.

Nowadays, many people are addicted to their phones. And to make it easier for you, the phone manufacturers decrease the size of your phone to make it easier for you to carry. However, this makes cleaning your phone more difficult.
The phone repair dust cleaner air blower ball is designed to remove tiny particles and dirt from screw holes and flat surfaces.


  • Super Silicon Air Blower and Dust Blaster - remove dust and erase smudges from delicate equipment
  • Cleaning Camera Lens, Screen, Circuit Board and Other Sensor Electronics
  • Just 1Pcs Dust Cleaner Ball in Package
  • Perfect for cleaning digital SLR, SLR, digital camera lens, binocular lens, and telescope lens, filters, musical instruments, computers, keyboards, cellphone, etc
  • Material: Metal, Rubber  


  •     Brand Name: BES
  •     DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  •     Type: Combination
  •     Model Number: RL-043A Phone Repair dust cleaner
  •     Package: Case
  •     Application: Computer Tool Kit
  •    Size: 5*5
  •    Application 1: Air Blower Pump
  •    Application 2: Dust Cleaner
  •    Application 3: Dust Cleaning Ball

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