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Mbrush Portable Mobile Color Mini Handheld Printer inkjet

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The surface of non-absorbent materials need Solvent coating, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, wood surface. Water-absorbing surface can be printed directly, such as paper, carton, wall


Type: Color inkjet printer Black and white printing speed: 1 (ppm) Color printing speed: 1 (ppm) Print format: 1.44cm The highest resolution: 600 (dpi) Print media: multiple materials Dimensions: 50*100*70 (mm) Ink cartridge type: tri-color ink cartridge Interface: IEEE 1394 Paper capacity: 415 (sheets) Uses: label printing Power supply: 220v Support system: Android/ios Network printing: support Automatic duplex printing: not supported

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can this cartridge be used? A: This printer built-in one ink, this cartridae can use maximum 3000 times, about 1 years. Q: What type of ink cartridge does this printer work with? A: Universal HP62 Q: How is this printer connected? A: It support wifi usb connection, very easy. Q: What material can he print? A: It can works on any material, include t-shirts, glass, board, leather, paper and so on. Q: Can it be washed? A: Unless paper, other material can be washed. Q: What can it print? A: It can print anything, it is a DIY printer, you can print logo, letter, expression, pattern, anything as you want. Just need set the program in advance. Q: What is his operating language? A: It support multi-language, it will synchronize your phone language. Q: How long can be ship after place order A: This item is in stock, we ship in 7 days. Q: What phone system can be connect? A: Support IOS and android

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the maximum printing dimensions with a single pass?
The maximum printing hight is 14.29
mm/0.5625 inch. For a single pass, it can print 1.3m/4.26 feet long. On
multi-line printing mode, it can print up to 3m/9.8 feet. If you want to
print the pattern with larger dimensions, you can use the multi-line
feature with the help of rulers to put them together.
2. Normally, how often do I need to refill or change the cartridge?
A single cartridge can print up to
415 full pages of paper (A4), enough for a year of daily use. If you
need to replace the cartridges, you can purchase the corresponding
cartridges on our official website.
3. How's the working time/battery life?
mbrush integrates a 900 mAh battery. For a single charge, it can continuously print for4 hours with 1 year of standby time.
4. How does it take to fully charged?
2 hours normally. For a single charge, it can continuously print for 6 hours with 1 year of standby time.
5. What is the exact benefit of using mbrush Ink Cartridge?
For the ink cartridge, the specs of
mbrush ink cartridge is quite similar to the 62XL. If you check the
price of this ink cartridge on its website, the price of it is actually
over $70. By using the mbrush ink cartridge, you will also have less ink
out the error and it has better viscosity for printing on.
6. Can I use the hp ink cartridge instead yours?
We’ re using the mbrush
self-developed Ink Cartridge and that’s the one perfectly fit the
mbrush.And yes, it also compatible with the HP62 and HP804 Color ink
cartridge(Both Standard&XL supported, as well as the HP64, but the
color arrangement is not that good like HP62&HP804).
7. Can this printer print on black surface? or white?
mbrush can print on Black Surface
but it can not show the color perfectly if the ground color is too dark.
Printing white color is not supported.
8. How can this print black if it just uses the tri color cartridge?
The Black color you see in the
video or campaign page is printed by the mbrush. The cartridge prints
black by combining percentages of cyan, magenta and yellow. and that’s
how the tri-color works.
9. Printers clean themselves periodically to avoid getting clogged, does yours?
We suggest you clean the mbrush ink
outlet at least once a month. When you’re not using it, it’s better to
put the lid on. Btw, mbrush has the clean function, which supports you
long-press the button and it will print 3 color line so you know the
printing status in advance.
10. What is the shelf-life of the ink?
The shelf-life of the ink cartridge
is 18 months. If it is the used ink cartridge, you stored properly in
the correct environment, you may still be able to use it for 18 months
(15° – 30°)