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Corundum Grinding Wheel Tool

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Corundum Grinding Wheel Tool

Grinding wheel currently used in the product is a brown corundum grinding wheel, so the product is mainly used for grinding iron drills. Other high hardness drills are not suitable for use, and the loss will be relatively large.




  • Corundum Grinder is a wheel that uses diamond or other hard materials for honing, or grinding workpiece and may even be referred to as a wheel.
  • These tools are utilized in various industries like: Metalworking, Surface finishing, Mechanical engineering, Mining General purpose, Glass Maintenance.
  • Corundum grinding wheel tool is typically used for polishing and grinding.
  • Corundum is a natural type of aluminum oxide which is heavy and has a high melting point.


About this product


As we may know, the corundum grinding wheel tool is used for the grinding material that has a hardness less than 7, such as non-metallic materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other materials. The grinding wheel tool is widely used in the abrasive blasting machine, rotary tools and other accessories. It can also be used as a grinder for polishing stones. Of all the grinding wheels available, none can match the performance and value of a corundum grinding wheel. Corundum is a hard opaque mineral, comprised primarily of aluminum oxide {Al 2 O 3 }. Its color varies from colorless to white, red, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. Corundum Grinding Wheel meets chemical resistance requirements for temperature up to 1300°C (2372°F). It has been used in instruments dealing with heat and temperature measurement. Corundum wheels are typically used for grinding and lapping of other materials such as steel. The scratch pattern left on a work piece after being ground by a corundum wheel depends on the type of corundum wheel used.

One of the most important steps in sharpening a knife is to form an edge on the blade, and this task is usually accomplished with a grinding wheel. The cutting edge of any blade will be weakened as it’s used, and the grinding wheel is the best tool that you can use to strengthen it again.Corundum Grinder is a wheel that uses diamond or other hard materials for honing, or grinding workpiece and may even be referred to as a wheel.

As he explained it to me, this piece of metal had multiple angles and curves so nothing he had on hand would work. So my friend decided to bend an old piece of pipe to do the job, but that didn’t work either. He had to find some other options, and fast!




  • Use electric drill with mandrel to drive this tool.
  • Sharpen bits and improve your work performance.
  • Grinding wheel made of wear resistant corundum.
  • Good sharpening effect, saving a lot of effort.
  • Light weight and compact size, easy to load.



  • Color: blue/orange
  • Material: ABS + corundum grinding wheel
  • Grinding wheel material: brown corundum grinding wheel
  • Handle material: ABS
  • Product size: 180*40*32mm



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