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Deep Down Clean Household Mold Remover

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Deep Down Clean Household Mold Remover

You can do a lot of weird things deep down there in the gross, nasty, dirty world of mold. But did you know how to get rid of it? That’s a pretty tricky situation you’ve got there, and it isn’t going away without a fight!

  • This is a really good household mold and mildew remover.
  • Mold and mildew may be considered a common "friend" in the household - but it's no friend of yours.
  • It's an unsightly, unhealthy breeding ground that could lead to respiratory problems for you and your family.
  • Mold is a health concern for so many people. They often worry about the potential it can cause to their families. 

 About this product

Mold is disgusting to look at and annoying to deal with. To top it all, it is also smelly and hazardous to health. Regardless of how much effort you put in cleaning your tile and grout, this nasty looking greenish black growth manages to crop up every few days. Mold kind of has a love affair with dampness and so its favorite place for habituation is your home bathroom and shower. You may have used several products to remove mold, but you crave the fresh sanitization and hygienic look your bathroom once had.

The reason behind this is that most mold and mildew removers are unable to remove mold completely. A common solution buzzing around the internet is to try several home remedies for mold and mildew removal. So, are these any good? Should you, instead, go in for a better and high-quality mold and mildew cleaner? We suggest using high-quality mold, mildew and stain removers, such as Imperia Deep Clean and Benaz from pFOkUS. These high-quality mold and mildew removers deliver the best results when compared with home remedies. Let us find out how.

But first, let us understand more about mold and mildew so that we know what kind of cleaners will be most effective.
Mold loves to thrive in damp places such as shower corners, tile and grout. It breeds in places that rare moist and warm. Shower areas are always susceptible to water splashes. Regardless of how dry you may keep them, if you have not sealed your surfaces, moisture penetrates inside the pores of tile and grout, leading to formation of black mold in shower.

The common home remedies include vinegar, baking soda and lemon. People also use colgate, liquid dish washing soap, hydrogen peroxide and many other home remedies also, but here, we shall only discuss the pros and cons of the first three.



  • Practical Function: This mold remover gel is suitable for removing mildew spots. The thick gel is perfect for tiles, grouts, showers and bathtubs and sticks to stains without piercing smoke or over spray.
  • Quick and Effective: This mold remover gel can prevent the recurrence of mold. You can easily get rid of black and brown stains, this gel can clean stains on the sealing seams of the bathtub or shower, and you can receive guests at any time.
  • Simple to Use: Apply gel on the moldy area, and wipe it with a toothbrush or rag after a period of time (the time depends on the degree of moldy, usually 3-5 hours). If any mold remains, repeat the operation.
  • Safe to Use: The main ingredients are sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. Harmless, safe to use. Only need to keep indoor ventilation when using.
  • Wide Applications: Effectively removes mold stains on bathroom and household tiles, sinks, fittings and sealants.



  •  Size: 11 * 3cm, 16.5 * 5cm
  • Weight: 20 grams, 100 grams
  • Material: Gel

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